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Reach new heights with Baliva Landscaping Wall Blocks! Baliva Concrete Products offers construction blocks and mid- and large-size landscaping wall block. If you are looking for a landscaping wall block that is large enough for the most demanding job, yet small enough to be handled with light-duty equipment, we have the product for you.

Baliva Landscaping Wall Blocks can be used in residential and commercial landscaping settings. With different faces and colors available, Baliva Landscaping Wall Blocks are beautiful and functional, and most of all stand the test of time.

Make a dramatic statement with Baliva Landscaping Wall Blocks. We offer retaining wall blocks in various sizes from mid-to-jumbo size wall blocks. The wall blocks are optimal for taller wall structures, construction and heavy load conditions found used in:

  • Highways
  • Heavy construction
  • Parking lots
  • Structural landscape retaining walls
  • Sea walls
  • Pedestrian access

Versatility. The Baliva Landscaping Wall Block has a revolutionary locking system, which allows constructed-engineered retaining walls to stack vertically or terrace back with every course. These wall blocks can also be used to create a variety of eye-catching curves, corners and more. They have a beautiful, natural stone appearance, giving your customers a unique wall texture that looks and feels like stone, yet it is precast concrete, which adds an architectural interest to any setting. With its size, scale and good looks, the Baliva Landscaping Wall Block will work almost anywhere.

Functionality. Whether it is a large retaining wall to control erosion or a landscaping job that requires a colossal-size segmental retaining wall, Baliva Landscaping Wall Blocks is the solution. Reach dramatic new heights with Baliva Landscaping Wall Blocks with little or no soil reinforcement (with a terracing effect).

Variety. With a variety of block types available, you can be sure to make a dramatic statement:

  • Top caps
  • Recess blocks
  • Sloped end blocks
  • Key blocks
  • Corner blocks
  • Knob-style blocks

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